Create Your Website using Weebly [Deaf-friendly Course] (Dig-001)



This course is for those who would like to set up a responsive website with Weebly fast, and need a guided process to complete the task.

Weebly is a cloud-hosted website setup platform. It is easy to learn, use and maintain your website with.

Benefits of using Weebly:

- You do not need to hire a programmer.
- There is no coding knowledge required to set up a website.
- You do not need technical knowledge on how to host your website. Weebly hosts it for you.
- Weebly keeps up with digital trends and updates its backend periodically. You do not need to re-hire any programmer to help you look fresh and modern.
-Weebly is affordable for all (free for those on budget).

This course empowers users to set up a Weebly website independently. It saves users time blind-exploring all the functions and features, and effectively guides users to get down to real work. It is a step by step aid and learners can work on their websites at their own pace.

Should there be any questions you have about using Weebly that is not addressed within this course, feel free to send in your questions via our Free Coaching Form (at your main menu bar) and we will create customized learning content with demo video (if possible) to help you. You can access these customized content in your own account.

This course is deaf-friendly.

Course Delivery: Texts and Demo Videos.

Course Duration: 16 hours.

  • 1. Introduction and Weebly Sign Up
  • 1.1 Introduction to E-Guide
  • 1.2 Choose your Hosting Plan
  • 1.3 Sign Up with Weebly
  • 2. Website Setup
  • 2.1 Choose Your Theme
  • 2.2 Set up Domain Name
  • 2.3 Dashboard Orientation
  • 3. Add Website Logo
  • 3.1 Add Website Logo
  • 3.2 Demo Video: Add Website Logo
  • 4. Add Website Pages
  • 4.1 Add Website Pages
  • 4.2 Demo Video: Add Website Pages
  • 5. Design Homepage
  • 5.1 Design Homepage Introduction
  • 5.2 Customize Background Header
  • 5.3 Demo Video: Customize Background Header
  • 5.4 Recreate Homepage Content
  • 5.5 Demo Video: Recreate Homepage Content
  • 5.6 Plan Homepage Content
  • 6. Demo Videos for Various Homepage Designs
  • 6.1 The Sections Layout
  • 6.2 Demo Video: Sections Layout
  • 6.3 The Traditional Layout
  • 6.4 Demo Video: Traditional Layout
  • 7. Add Other Pages
  • 7.1 "About Us" Page
  • 7.2 Demo Video: "About Us" Page
  • 7.3 "Testimonials" Page
  • 7.4 Demo Video: "Testimonials" Page
  • 7.5 "Services" Page
  • 7.6 Demo Video: "Services" Page
  • 7.7 "Contact Us" Page
  • 7.8 Demo Video: "Contact Us" Page
  • 8. Other Design Guides
  • Footer Section
  • Demo Video: Footer Section
  • Change Fonts
  • External Apps for Site Design
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed